Trinity aired on Animal Planet's show, "The Planet's Funniest Animals" on Dec 19.  

She was chosen by showing how well she can save money and her clip aired as the very last one of the show.  We'd like to think they saved the best for last.

Trinity is a Green Cheek Conure, scientific name Pyrrhura Mollinae.  Very similar in appearance to the Maroon Bellied Conure.  We're still not sure if Trinity is male or female, but we refer to her as female. She was hatched on May 1, 2001 and we got her on August 23 at about 4 months old.  Known as "the quiet conures", Trinity seems to be living up to that reputation and even when she squawks loudly, it's no where near the volume of other parrots.  She's proven to be a great companion and extremely intelligent.  She loves to cuddle and is very social.

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Trinity displayed very early on an eagerness to socialize and learn tricks.  She was waving back to us literally within days of bringing her home, and many more tricks followed.  She has been known to learn some tricks within minutes. 

Some of her current repertoire, all on command:


We're currently working on:

  • Riding a scooter
There are, of course, many great sources of information for pet bird owners, including some excellent books.  Here are some web sites we've visited to learn more about our pet:

If you have or are considering owning a pet bird, you NEED to research.  In addition to choosing the right type of bird, you'll need to become aware of hazards.  Just do an internet search on "household hazards to pet parrots" and you'll find some information for sure.

Here are some links that Trinity always likes us to visit.  Of course, they're shopping sites.  Maybe she is a girl after all.

WOW! I recently had some FANTASTIC gifts made for Jess by Alicia Merritt at Alicia's Creations.  

I sent her a picture of Trinity, and I can't believe how the finished pieces came out!  Here are some pictures of the pieces:

These earrings and pendant are handcrafted from polymer clay.  Each color is a different piece of clay.  Being in the business we can really appreciate the work that went into these, and I can't believe what a great job she did.  All of her work is just beautiful.  

You can visit her web site here: 


Do you find Trinity cute?  Have a bird yourself?  Have any questions?