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A Guide to Our Products and Product Categories

All of our products and product categories can be found in the left border of all of our pages.  There are 4 great ways for you to find just the products you're looking for at WildAboutBeads.com. 

1) Search - If you already know the name of the item you're looking for, try doing a search with our search box to the left.  Be non-specific for wider results, and never use plural words. Search on bird NOT birds.  For example if you were looking for our "Chamilia Soccer Ball" bead, just type in "soccer" and you will get all of our soccer beads in all categories.  If you were to enter "Chamilia soccer" you would get only results that had both the word Chamilia and the word soccer in them.

2) Browse - If you'd like to browse our products, just use any of the links to the left under the "Products" heading.  There are some tips to remember when browsing our categories this way.  Some products have sub-categories.  This is where we break a big category down into smaller sections.  In this case you will see the main category name link and just below it you will see a list of sub-categories indented.  Clicking the first main category link will show you all of the products in that category.  Clicking a sub category under it will show you only the matching items in that sub category (a smaller list of items).

3) Spot - Sometimes the greatest gifts are found by accident.  For this reason, we display three random products from our line at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to take a glance at those items, you can click on them for more information.  You never know when you may spot just what you were looking for, even if by accident.

4) Ask - If you still don't see just what you're looking for, WildAboutBeads.com has another great way to find what you want - ask!  We are bead enthusiasts just like you, and we love to help you to.  You can email or call us during our business hours if you would like assistance finding just what you're looking for.




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